Let me?

Let me?

He is as mysterious as the highest mountain peaks. Could I be the one, the one that his heart seeks?

The depth of his voice, melodically flowing like the bottomless seas. Secrets to unlock and I want the keys.

I find myself wanting to be the one to find the secrets of his lonesome winds, what is it that he is holding so deeply within?

In his voice I hear fire and it ignites my inner flame. Something keeps telling me that this man is different, not at all the same.

Scorpio, I have no fear of your sting, although I know it’s a part. Yet I’ll take my chances to navigate to you inner most places, even those covered with dark.

Something tells me you are a Phoenix raised from the ash, I assure you that I am like no other you have encountered in the past.

I’m not concerned about the face peering from behind the mask. I want be the sunshyne,in my warmth you may bask.

So, If you will take one step, I will take two. Lets take this walk together… I mean isn’t that what duos do?


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A baritone voice from behind a mask. Soothes my soul…a daunting task…

As my world is flipped upside down, my heart is soothed by your methodical sound.

Never have I gazed upon your face, yet you elevate my heartbeat as if running a race.

I don’t know even your name, yet search for you as if we shared the same.

It may seem a little crazy or to some quite a bit odd. To me it is a sign of comfort sent from God.

I believe that angels come in disguise. Just as I know that tears have been dried from my eyes.

So even if your identity is never revealed, know that a hole in my heart you have filled.

I thank you so much for simply being you and making this tunnel a bit brighter as I find my way through!! ❤️💜#NFDG🥰

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I am really not okay…

I am really not okay…

My eyes are clouded with tears more often than anyone would think.

My heart the carrier of hurt, disappointment, and pain… things heavier than my words can speak.

Some think I’m lazy, dismissive, and aloof, truth is the heaviness of all that I carry is breaking me, behind my eyes is the proof.

Life is not meant to live alone, yet I do each and everyday. For days, weeks, sometimes months not another human comes my way.

My heart is heavy. I don’t really know what to pray. I’m in battle with these demons, constantly rebuking what they say.

My soul is crying out, it has the loudest of cries. Yet nobody hears me or sees the tears flooding my eyes.

If the darkness were to take me away from this isolated place… would anyone even notice?? I seriously do doubt it for mine is an unmissed face.

I tell myself it will get better that there are those that really do care. But I know that I’m just lying to myself and no one for me is really there.

With the holidays upon us the loneliness is even the more loud. What I wouldn’t give not to be alone in the worlds crowd.

Oh well, today’s another day that no one will bother to notice that I am really not okay.

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My Fibromyalgia Life

My Fibromyalgia Life

(11/28/20 5:00pm)

Today has been a pretty good one on the Fibro meter.

I can’t recall right now the last day that I haven’t been in some type of pain, but today it’s bearable.

While I can’t raise my right arm over my head, the left is working just fine. But I need both, so another day that my hair goes undone.

Walking and standing can be nearly impossible. Today I can with nearly no trace of a limp. Pain in the right knee, lol that’s that rude uncle Arthur.

Mind fog has a hold on me!! I brushed my teeth with neosporin (yuck) and I promise I have watched the same episode of Ultimate Tag 16 times because I can’t concentrate or remember what I just saw 5 minutes ago!

I couldn’t find sleep last night, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open and napped for a few hours early afternoon.

No appetite again but that churning in my stomach forced me to eat. Praying that IBS behaves itself because I am physically too tired for an episode of that this evening.

Overall, it has been a pretty mild day in my fibro life today. I pray that it stays that way. The temperature outside is threatening to fall over night. Lord please keep the effects on my body at bay.

Introvert that hates COVID-19!

Introvert that hates COVID-19!

I am an introvert.

An introvert by nature, sometimes it feels like by choice. But no matter the reason, an introvert I am.

Way too often I have had to force myself to be social. I have had to fight within myself to hug, shake hands, and smile upon demand.

While it is a struggle for me being close to others…these days oddly enough I miss people.

I miss interacting, conversation, and human touch.

2020, COVID-19, and the quarantine have all taken their toll on humanity as a whole!! Life as we know it will never be the same.

We can’t cough in public without bring side-eyed, masks are a staple, social distancing, working from home,, and so much more.

Skin-to- skin contact is essential for mental, physical, and emotional health as well. One of the greatest things touch can do is reduce stress. This allows immune system to function properly.

Don’t we need out immune system to function properly in these trying times? Don’t we need less stress these days. Yet we can’t touch or be near one another.

I can only speak for me… I hate what life has become. I realize more snd more that what studies show is true, people need people. This is lonely place snd way to be.

Having not been touched in anyway for months on end is taking a toll on me. I’m so over this new way of life.

A hug is over due and much needed!

And I hate COVID -19

Whew, there I said it!

Invisible illnesses SUCK!!!

Invisible illnesses SUCK!!!

If you don’t know, you just don’t know. If you don’t live it you can’t relate.

From the outside looking in doesn’t do.

From the imprisonment within my body things are really not that great!!

Invisible illnesses and disabilities are a double edged sword. Most render you riddled with pain of indescribable proportions. Often crippling and exhausting. Yet INVISIBLE!!!

The pains are more than enough to have to battle in the physical. Honestly, no matter how much you fight it begins to effect your mental and destroys your self esteem. While INVISIBLE to those around you.

Imagine being viable and active in one moment and the next unable to ambulate. Imagine having months of no pain only to be slammed and confined to your bed. But no one can see the INVISIBLE assault.

It’s a very lonely state of being. It causes isolation, separation, and misunderstandings. We break dates and miss monumental moments in the lives of our loved ones. They may interpret it as disregard or lack of support. Not realizing the heartbreak it causes the sufferer. I mean because after all these things happen sporadically and they do so INVISIBLY!!

As I lay here in sound mind but with an unable body, I’m sad… no more like heartbroken!!! I missed my baby sisters wedding because of the INVISIBLE hell of being trapped inside of my own body!!

INVISIBLE illnesses suck!!! And I hate it here!!!

A view from the other woman

A view from the other woman

Several years I have spent EVERY holiday alone. Like a lifeline attached to my phone. Never knowing when you will call. Being an afterthought to my all and all.

Often I cry myself to sleep at night. More often I just don’t sleep, wishing he was here to hold me tight.

Some ask why I would do this to myself. Do you really think I don’t want to love someone else. My reality is, I love this man. All feels right in my world when he holds my hand.

Today while shopping, I took a fall. No emergency contact, his phone I can’t just call. Laying in the emergency room, appearing that I have no one who cares. Unable to focus on the doctors for wishing he was there.

Can’t remember the last time we actually had a date. I spend so much time lonely, I can’t talk to him late. I love him with all of my heart, but all of this hiding I really do hate.

I am a great woman, I know how to let a man be a man. Why I am not someone’s choice I really don’t understand. I want to live a happy life with you. But more than that, I want my own man!!

Will that man be you? Only time will tell. This has got to be old, the harassment that comes along with you is equivalent to hell. Then I see you and it’s worth it, but not so much when I’m trying to remember your smell.

I didn’t sign up to be single/committed, loyal and supportive with limited in return. I try to walk away to protect my own heart. My soul continues to yearn for him, as it has from the start. I’m sad when we are apart.

I love you, I love you, I love you. Do you truly love me the same way. If so, why am I not your choice? Day after day day day. Your selection isn’t me every time you walk away.

I want to be the one you pick morning, noon, and night. The one that you come home to and who’s smile makes your world feel right. Just don’t really get why his choice isn’t me.

Although my heart is hurting I guess I have to suck it up. I sit here alone in pain… mental and physical the like. I have to admit to myself, in this situation I am stuck. And the truth of the matter is that it really sucks.

I just want to be happy and I want it to be with you. But I can’t continue this self destructive situation of being your number two.

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My Tajay…

My Tajay…

Let me tell you about my baby, my Tajay, my 3 of 3. Three the number represents power, biblically and otherwise. It symbolizes completion, the feeling I had when I first looked into her eyes. This beautiful soul has taught me and blessed me more than she will ever be able to realize.

My pregnancy was a hard one, in the hospital and out, on bedrest, hardly any food could I eat. You were created for greatness, so early the darkness tried to take you out.

Have you ever touched perfection? I’ve cradled perfection in my hands, rocked her to sleep, beamed with pride as she boasted proudly of having her mommy’s feet. I know that none is perfect but the Father, after such a hard fought fight, I couldn’t help but see Gods perfection in my daughter!

For many years my shadow, literally attached at the hip. I miss your little hand reaching to hold mine, give me the sweetest Little kisses, and insist on your belly zerberts on the cutest little tummy, with the belly button like a baby elephant nose. You were the one I planned for, my rida my ace!! Small features and an attitude like mine, but with your dads face!

We had our own form of communication, we scarcely needed words, so much to the point I didn’t realize you couldn’t hear my words. This was the first time I felt that I failed you. For your forgiveness and Gods I prayed. I knew the devil was determined to try to take you out, for your wholeness I prayed. Through you God taught me how to genuinely seek Him in prayer morning, noon, and day.

And so I prayed each morning I woke and everynight before I laid, I prayed for our family but a little more for you I prayed.

I prayed that your hearing not be damaged beyond repair. I fought back tears, when for surgery you, they came to prepare. I remember your eyes so innocent and filled with uncertainty, my eyes you searched. I asked God to strengthen me so that my fear didn’t show much.

I prayed for your healing, that you had no loss or impairment in your speech. I asked God to allow you to each and every milestone that you would reach!! Two surgeries and some therapy later, you showed no signs of impairment, things couldn’t be greater. Yet I still pleaded with God for you and what life would throw at you later.

I saw you imitating my ways and habits or at least how in your young eyes you saw me. I prayed and begged God, I wanted so much more for you than I could ever be. Lord protect my baby, guide her heart and her soul as your steps I know you will order. Protect her dear God from anything that could hurt her.

I never thought that what could or would hurt you would ever be me. Divorce is an evil beast especially to children who have no clue that as a parent, the marriage is killing you. I made a decision to fight, to silence the tears in the middle of the night. My decision, our falling a part had NOTHING and I mean nothing to do with you. I said I needed a break, that part is true, but never a break from your sisters or you.

God truly knows the reasons and with Him I laid all of my burdens down. I knew I was a mess, yet I tried my hardest to hold it down. I watched the adoration and love for me diminish from the entire family, I was no longer a shero to my number three.

I prayed for you and your sisters not wanting to cause more harm to you in my time of unrest. Honestly I had no idea of what to do and I to this day I hate that I failed the test. So much more I could say but until we are sitting face to face I digress. But know to this day, I still have big elephants in my chest.

Quietly in the shadows still for you I prayed, with open arms in the shadows I stayed. Not wanting to fight or cause any more pain, I prayed for the Lord to please keep me sane. In my heart, I knew one day you would want me back in your life, I held so tightly on to that hope. So many times I just wanted to give up, but that hope proved to be a knot holding me at the end of that rope.

I prayed, I prayed through sleepless nights while I tossed and turned. I prayed and at times reached out, only to get burned. I would lick my wounds and pray some more. I thank God for the day He opened your hearts door.

My heart was so filled when for your birthday you gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life!! As I reached out to wish you well for your born day, you blessed me by opening up to me as I had so long prayed.

I have my baby back, no things are not quite and most likely never be the same. Yet daily I am thanking God that He reignited the flame!!

I am so proud of the young lady you have become!! My heart with joy is over flood any time you call and just want to talk, or text out of the blue, or share your music because none of it you have to do. Even though you refuse to tell me in return I feel in my heart those gestures are your way of saying, “I love you too.”

I continue to pray for you day in and day out. Just know I don’t ever want to have another period of my life where you are out. I thank God for being faithful and for His abundant grace.

I am so happy that you welcomed me back into your life. Tajay Emmani, you are still and forever will be MY “Crown of Faith!”

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I’m a black woman…

I’m a black woman…

I’m a black mama, no I don’t have a son…
I’m a black mama of 3 daughters,
Betta not bring harm to either one!

I’m a black mama, of 2 daughters who proudly and diligently serve this country EVERY day! Committed to lay down their life for THIS country, in which for the color of their skin…those that they are protecting, Will in the blink of an eye be willing to slay!!

I’m a black Nana,
To a sole and incredibly adored grandson.
I’m a black Nana,
Who,this bitch I will air… OUT!! About my beautifully black only grandson.

I’m a black Tía to…
3 nieces that deserve better than this confusion in the world today!
I’m also a Tía to…
2 black nephews that about, I do not play!

They all deserve to make it home at the end of each day!
The beautiful brown hues of their skin should never be the reason that in life they can’t win!

I’m a black daughter!
I regret the days as a teen,
Repeatedly, I ran away…
Not knowing the parental fears, that for this tad bit of rich melanin in a casket I could lay!

I was a black wife,
Who really couldn’t understand… the worry of my husband when I was late getting home, not realizing we lived smack dab in the middle of Klan land!!

I am a black sister…
To 3 black Queens and 1 lightly blackened King.
Never at the hand of racism do I wanna get dressed up to hear people I don’t know preach or sing!

I am a black woman…
Who loves a black man!!
One that has a gentle demeanor and spirit that some won’t know or take into consideration… and harm or kill him for simply being a black man!!

I am a human being…
So are the people that I love!
We were given sunkissed skin by God up above!
Not by choice, but by design.
If you cut or shoot me… I bleed red just like you! I didn’t ask to be black or to be hated by you or even YOU!!

I love all created by God because that’s what His word does say!!
He’s coming back to get His people. So the signs of the times do say!

“Jesus loves the little children…red and yellow, black or white”
How can you hate me … when I’m precious in His sight?

Hatred and racism is learned!!
Get to know other HUMANS for yourself!! Good and bad comes in all colors. Judge a person by His persona, not by a skin color that he shares with so many others!

Black lives matter, they always have!!
ALL of Gods children matter!! That’s the concept that needs to be grabbed!!

Revelations is now!! God is on His way! We His children will be called up to meet Him(soon)one day!! It would be a travesty to be left behind because you had hatred in the way!!

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Don’t dare shed a tear for me

Don’t dare shed a tear for me

When they stretch me out for my final laying down, don’t you dare shed a tear!!

Hope the hurtful nasty things you said for the rest of your life dance in your head! Don’t you have the nerve to shed a tear while people’s lies are read!

You kicked me further when I was belly to the ground! When it wasnt my fault that esteem yourself never found!! It was you that you loathed, don’t you dare drop a tear for me!

The butt of your jokes with your “bestie”, are you still laughing and primping as forever they prepare to rest me? Don’t let a tear fall from your face, not for me, the one for which you have distaste.

Don’t turn up your lip thinking I’m only speaking to one, no you aren’t so lucky, at my expense you also had fun! You shouldnt be able to squeeze out a tear for me.

Remember how you equated me to nothing more than a dummy? Yeah you the same that excluded me and thumbed your nose at my lack of money. Count your dollars and degrees, but don’t you DARE drop one tear for me!!

Oh I’m not done, I’m talking to you too! The one who strung me along for years, pretending I was your chosen one. When the reality is you were just having fun! You never really had intentions of me being your one!! You go home to the trash that you placed above me day after day, don’t you think of dropping a tear over me as I lay.

For the utter disrespect that you felt that I deserved as “just the bitch that pushed you into the world”, I will let God deal with you and the days that you have cut, you grown ass little girl!! Keep the same energy, don’t even play like you have a tear to shed over this way.

Each of you and so many more pushed me closer and closer to the check out door. I am now longer anyone’s burden, joke, or fool. I believe that each of you will be happy when I transition through that door…

So don’t y’all dare try to pretend that you have any tears to shed for me. I hope your ugliness towards me haunts you for all of eternity.

But in the moment do one, just one thing for me… don’t dare shed a tear for me!! But pucker up your lips and kiss my ass forever and a day, each one of you in your own way has been a slow death to me!!

Don’t dare shed a tear for me!!!

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