I am a woman who has lived many lifetimes within this unfinished lifetime.

God has blessed me to have had many paths along this journey that we know as life.

Through each test God has by Deal Boat” href=”#86058617″> continuously built my testimony. With each hurdle, He has heightened me. Every time I stumbled, He raised me stronger.

I am a flawed living witness to many things. I have many a stories to tell.  Lend me your ear as I give voice to the silenced tales within me.

This is all a work in progress as well as healing for me as I by Deal Boat” href=”#37864119″> begin to peel those layers back.

Be patient with me and slow to judge. by Deal Boat” href=”#96436119″> Check back occasionally, as this is a new venture for me.

by Deal Boat” href=”#43325980″> Thankyou all in advance for your love and support.



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