I am sure that this blog is going to raise some eyebrows and possibly truly offend some.  To that I say you are welcomed to stop reading at anytime that you choose.  These are my opinions based on my experiences regarding the burning question of today.

“Where were you when the towers fell, Do you remember?”

Of course I remember, as I am sure every other person that was of the age to have some understanding of what was unfolding on 09/11/01. Yes I remember vividly being en route to take my children to school and talking on the phone to my best friend Joycelyn Horton-Searcy as I did every Monday through Friday .  The difference that morning was that as soon as she picked up the phone I heard panic in her voice, but she was asking if I was OK.  Oblivious to what was happening in the world because the first tower fell as I was engaged in the hour long one way commute to the childrens school.  As Joycelyn filled me in I remember my heart dropping as I looked at my daughters playing in the back seat in my rear view mirror.  Of course I remember!

Forever burned in my mind is getting back home to find my ex husband and brother and sister in law sitting in the living room with blank stares on their faces.  Still not having seen it with my own eyes I don’t think that it was real to me.  As I walked past the couch to take a seat and join them in the living room, I can still here my brother in law yell, “Damn there goes the other one! Baby we gotta get back!” I was bewildered not only by the images on the screen but by the statement that he had just made to his wife and the fact that they where hurriedly packing their truck to make a 12 hour drive while all of this tragedy was unfolding.  I didn’t understand it, nor did I realize in that moment for the first time I saw real HEROS!! My Brother in law Earl Williams and his wife Colleen were both soldiers .

As we kissed them goodbye and saw them off with tears and plenty of “I love yous”, I was still befuddled.  Why were they leaving?

When those towers fell I now know that their training and instincts instilled in them had engaged.  They were no longer Earl and Colleen, they were  SOLDIERS!  They saw what I couldn’t then.

Since then God has blessed me to have been surrounded by the brave men and women who so selflessly sacrifice themselves to fight for this country and our freedom.  They jeopardize their lives for months, years, and multiple times so that we, I can sleep at night, carefree.

Yeah, I remember where I was when they fell. But more importantly is what I have seen since then.

I have seen my near and dear friends return to their families in a casket. I have been soldiers come back to find that their wives/husbands have left them. I have seen a young man leave for his fifth, yes fifth deployment just yesterday! I watch on facebook as a friend watches her daughter grow up through Skype and pictures because she is contracted on the other side of the world. As a result of the tours that many have served for us, many have disabilities mental and physical. Some have lost limbs while some have lost their minds.  PTSD is very real despite what some may think. Parents have had to take out children over there and live with guilt because of it every day. The missed births, holidays, birthdays, graduations, and every other milestone possible…. our service men and women sacrifice all of this for US!!

I was checking out at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago and the cashier was asking each customer if they wanted to donate a school supply ($1.00 Value) for military children going back to school.  I nearly came unglued when the woman in front of me responded, “Hell no, what has the military done for me? Isn’t enough that I already pay their salaries?” How rude and disrespectful!! I wanted to punch her in the face. (Hey I am just being honest) But instead I politely explained to her the fact that she could part her lips and speak such ignorance is because of our military.

It angers me that there are still ignorant ungrateful people out there today that disrespect these same men and women that selflessly serve and protect this country! That our Commander in Chief is still disrespected and referred to by his first name and anything other than President Obama!!

When was the last time that you thanked a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine? When was the last time that you gave thought to how our freedom is protected? Yes, the freedom to speech to disrespect our President!! When was the last time that you saw a military mom raising her children as a single/married mom and offered her a hand?

I think it is all fine and good to remember where you were on that day. But to me its more important to reflect on where you are today because of that day.

I want to thank my friends and family (blood or bond) that have at some point and still to this day are courageous enough to take that oath for our protection.  I thank the spouses an families for all of their sacrifices.  I pray for you all. And for those who made the ultimate sacrifice I say Sleep In Peace.  THANK YOU! I continue to thank God for placing President Barack Obama in office for two terms and lift him and the First Family up in prayer!

In closing, I challenge all to take a look not only where you were on 09/11/01, but to look deeper and really think about how things changed because of it and are you better because of it on 09/11/15?

We need to do better by these brave men and women.

I’m done

2 thoughts on “09/11

  1. Powerful. My son has signed his DEP for the Marines. His depart date is set for June 13, 2016. It was his choice and I cry as I write this–knowing the sacrifice he’s chosen, with God’s guidance.


    1. J,

      I send my love and upmost respect to you and your baby. His choice to serve is truly a testament to his character. And knowing you as I do his upbringing is the direct reflection of his desire to protect and serve others. I pray for God to cover him in all that he does. Love you J and thank you for the comments.


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