Testament of love…

Sept.25 3:36 am

What is the true testament of love?

Is it holding on to someone so tightly while knowing that you can’t love them how they need you to?

Or is it the courage to let go and watch the one that you love loving someone else?

When the relationship begins to unravel,do you allow the strings that bind to become a solo strand?

Or do you gather the remnants of the tattered love and attempt to salvage the warmth that your heart desires.

When the waves and tides of love and life come what do you do? Do you cling to whatever drift wood you can capture and hope to be rescued.

Or do you learn to surf and ride the waves back to the shore for the safety of sand not sinking so that your footing is secure?

Hold on or let go?
Stay or leave?
Separate or cleave?

What is the true testament of love?

* This piece was spawned by late night/ early morning conversation with my Zaniyah, my muse, my luv bug!! Thank you Zina!!*

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