What goes around surely will come back around.

Life has a funny way of coming back around. Those things that we put in the atmosphere at some point come back around to us. Interesting thing is that when you are on the giving end things usually don’t effect you as they do when you are on the receiving end.

I have broke many a hearts in my day. Some totally by mistake or in oblivion. It’s hard to admit, but others were on purpose or with little regard. In all honesty the trail of heart remnants rarely ever crossed my mind.

At least not until recently…

Someone very dear to me not only intimately, but friendship-wise truly truly hurt my feelings. Nearly wounded me emotionally.
In one of our daily conversations I posed a questions that had been tugging at my heart recently. Out of the blue I asked her to move with me and let’s restart our life together. Please know that I was so serious!!

Without hesitation… The response was “No, we are in two different places.” I was crushed. Felt like I had been punched in the nose! I wanted to lash out yet at the same time I wanted to cry. My pride wouldn’t let me react at that time, but please know that it cut me deep.

A few days later I finally had the nerve to bring it up again. I tried to broach the subject in a joking manner. Of course it became serious pretty quickly. I just needed to know how or why I was turned down so quickly.

It was explained that for a long time she had loved me selflessly and would have done anything yes anything to be with me exclusively. The conversation continued and it was pointed out to me the sacrifices that were made and humiliation that had been experienced.
At the time of our relationship I truly did feel love for her and for him as well. I never intended to hurt her in anyway and didn’t realize the depths that my actions wounded her.

I still don’t know if it was an in your face moment for her but it was a moment of awakening for me non the less.

Be careful how you handle a persons heart and feelings. You never know when that same person may do the exact same to you.

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