Life happens. Often not like we would like it to. We have ups and downs. We love and sometimes that love isn’t returned.

Life can be difficult. People fall short, make mistakes, and may not live up to our expectations of them.

Life has a funny way of moving at warp speed seems like you look up and years have passed you by.

Funny thing about life is that death is a part of it. Unfortunately most of us don’t value the right now. Most forget that tomorrow is not promised.

Life is a learning process. No one is going to live it perfectly nor without fault. We all fall short from time to time.

Life can be lived so much happier if we learn to forgive and let go. Why hold grudges and lessen the quality of the life you have.

While you can mend your fences, offer/accept apologies, give second (maybe third) chances, be slow to anger, and try not to judge.

Life is short. Don’t let it pass you by while you are caught up in things,that in the larger scheme, don’t really matter.

Reach out and let someone know that you love them despite of. Extend the same grace and mercy that God extends to us.

Live this thing called life to the fullest!! Once it’s gone, it’s just that. Gone.

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