Life matters

Yesterday I watched my sister go out of her way to save the life of an ant. Another woman witnessed this as well and suggested that my sister “just smash it!” With a look somewhere between how dare you and disgust my sister smiled and simply replied “No, it’s not bothering me it’s just there. Why would I kill it?” My sisters actions along with her response when questioned about them spoke to my heart.

What if we all took that same line of thinking? Would the crime rate be at an all time high? What if we all made the choice not to destroy those that aren’t bothering us? Would we have so many senseless killings?

Who are we to determine which lives have value? Be it a person, an ant, bird, animal, insect, etc. who are we? I mean really. If it isn’t for the meeting of our basic survival needs; food, shelter, and clothing, why do we do quickly take lives?

My thought is if God has kissed it with life then He has the say!

I hear and see the battle cries and slogans,day in and day out.

Black lives matter…. White lives matter….. Cop lives matter…. Women’s lives matter…. And so on and so on.

The truth of it all is that LIFE MATTERS!!

We as a whole need to get back to respecting and honoring God. Then in turn maybe we can soften our hearts and remove the scales from our eyes. Let’s get back to loving one another of all species.


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