Round of applause

Loving you proved to be the most wonderful yet difficult times of my life. The downs truly out numbered the ups; yet the peeks managed to overshadow the valleys.

I shed enough tears to keep afloat the sinking ship called “Us”. But was there ever really an “Us”? I guess as long as I believed so, you played your role.

You deserve a standing ovation!!!

You pretended to love me and I believed you.
My home became yours. (Applause)
The pilot seat of my rides programmed not solely for me, but also for you.
Vacations to places you could have never dreamed to visit, of course on me.

What was it that your boys called me? Oh yeah, your sponsor! Lol

Standing ovation!!

How is your golf swing?
Never a thank you.
How is your child?
Ours…. Never born.
How am I?
You never asked.
Been pampered lately?
I never held back.
When can you use, I mean see me again?
Never plan on it.

Yes you brought the magic!
The smoke and mirrors that is.
You played me to the extreme, yet to you forgiveness I give.

I pray that to my extent you never play the fool.

Na I lied.

Forgive you I do. Yet in the same breath I hope that karma lets me see her have her way with you, as I applaud.

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