Better wake up! Salvation knows NO color!!

It is crazy to me how easily some of us become distracted and focus on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The tragedy in France on yesterday is still a freshly opened wound. The body count and number injured is still undetermined for sure. Yet already we have people up in arms on a teetering racial platform. I just don’t get it….

“Why did it take it happening in France for people to pay it attention? It just happened in Kenya too!”

YES it did happen there 7 months ago!

I ask where were YOU then? Were you praying for Africa as it was unfolding? Most likely NOT!!

But now you are the town crier?
Now don’t get me wrong, my spirit led me to pray then as well. Also when those bodies were washing ashore in Libya, I was praying and fasting. College campus shootings, yep praying.

Now back to my original statement; easily distracted and focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

We are living in the LAST days!! Revelations CLEARLY speaks of all that is manifesting on a regular in years of late!

Come on y’all WAKE UP!! We need to be standing together, praying together as PEOPLE!! Not fighting over nothing more than the melanin in our skin!! You have got to be kidding me!! We all bleed the same red blood!!

Tsunamis, famine, mass destruction, war, rumors of war, earthquakes, division of the people, and the list goes on and on and on! These are things that we are witnessing with more and more frequency. YET these are things spoken in the Bible!!

Salvation knows no color!!

Don’t be fooled into focusing on the dissension of this “racial” pissing contest!!

Better wake up and see that it is just a trick of the enemy to keep you from seeing that the rapture is fast approaching and you need to get you life right. If not you will be left behind!!

Yes I am proudly praying for Paris.

More importantly I surrender to Jesus who paid the price for my sins and I repent and ask for eternal forgiveness and salvation.

I see the signs! I pray for ALL! I pray for all lands, all nations, all of Gods people!! I pray for lost souls and spiritual awakenings.

In Jesus name!!

Note: I am speaking for NO ONE but myself. These are my opinions based on my beliefs. If you believe otherwise I respect your opinion as just that. YOURS. As always I welcome feedback and I stress I have no desire for negativity, malice, or ignorance. So please respect my page.

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