Moment by moment, I yearn to hear your voice. As your voice plays like a melody in my head and my heart, I yearn to see your handsome face. As soon as our eyes meet, I want you so bad. As we approach one another I yearn to touch you, to kiss you, to hold you while you hold me. As I feel your heart beating next to mine, I yearn for that feeling to last for all eternity. You smell so good to me. As I breathe you in I yearn to taste you, to sample your nectar. Oh how I yearn to become one with you, to have your manhood surrounded by the moisture of my inner most place. I yearn to look into your eyes to see the passion that burns so deep, for that moment that we melt in unison and can hardly catch our breath. I yearn to yearn for you, all of you. I wait, I dream, I desire for all and of you. But more than anything it is the yearning that never stops and neither will my love for you.

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