Smh. Baby daddy….

Topic…… Baby daddies!!

Why is it that a man is so in love and team you until the baby arrives??

I am speaking from personal experiences and the experiences that I have witnessed by those that are close to me.

What is it about some men that when they are no longer in your good graces (between your thighs) that you become garbage.

As a woman why are we reduced to the equivalent of a paper plate? (Disposable!) When we are no longer serving in a sexual capacity!?

When will these overgrown boys realize that every time they call their “baby mamas” a whore or bitch they are harming their children? By putting down the mother of their children, what are these punks hoping to accomplish?

As women we have put ourselves close to death to bring your offsprings into the world! Sometimes even without the “baby daddy” present. But that same woman is now a whore?

How about this? The next time one of you cowards fixes your mouth to call your baby mama a Bitch, you call your mama and remind her that she is one!

Why is it that once the mother of your children out grows your immature ways and finds a MAN, she is now a whore? Again call your mama and remind her that she is a whore!

Don’t forget that your mama was someone’s baby mama too, so “baby daddy” anything you say to the mother of your children, double it for your mom. I mean afterall she did decide to keep and give birth to your sorry asses!

Let me take a moment and address the dumb chicks that lay up with and support this foolishness. Yes the ones calling and playing on the baby mamas phone, Facebook lurking, and consigning on the ignorance that spews from these fools mouths!! Y’all can suck it!

Keep in mind that it is only a matter of time before you are trash to him as well. If they don’t respect the mother of their child what makes you think he will respect you?

The only difference between you and the baby mama is that you don’t have his child. So you are simply just a dumb bitch or a stupid whore.
I am done ranting for now. But I will say if you so called baby daddies put as much time and energy into being a father to your children as you do in putting down their mom, the world would be a much better place.

I’m done!

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