Wait on God

Traditional wedding vows state, “for better of for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part”.

Till death should be a mighty long time. Marriage is supposed to be a life long commitment.

If it is so important and designed for such longevity, why do we do it hurriedly?

I got married at the age of 19, to a man one year my senior and I had known him for a mere 8 months to the day. Looking back, I feel like we got lucky to have lasted 14 years in our union. But 14 years is nowhere near what I envision to be a lifetime.

I know people that have married in less time or knowing one another less. We rush into these supposedly lifetime covenants with a momentary knowledge of the person that we are entering into it with.

As soon as things start falling apart we want to run to God and petition Him to bless, cover and fix it. But the reality is that often God never ordered or blessed it in the first place.

It is crazy to me that we shop around for a home, comparison shop for cars, lol even PLANNING at length these weddings…. That God hasn’t called us in to. But we rush into marriage?? Come on now!!!

It doesn’t matter how many of your friends are married, how many times you have been a bridesmaid, nor how bad your mama and daddy want you married! If it is not ordained by God it will not last!!

I don’t care how much you cry and plead with God to round out the edges of that square to fit into that round hole, it will NEVER be the triangle that God intends for it to be unless it is ordered by HIM!

Y’all I said all of this to say that Gods will is perfect and He knows exactly what we need. Yes even in marriage. If we could just learn to wait on the one that He is forming and perfecting just for us! Marriage is beautiful and rich when it is done within the will of God.

Be blessed and wait on God!


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