Single life sucks!!!

On the brink of 2016, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Relationships are more confusing than I can ever recall these days. Open relationships, co-habitations, same sex relationships, whore mongers, womanizers, you name it, it’s at an all time high. Except for traditional marriage!!

I look at the majority of my friends and women in my family, the greater population is guess what, SINGLE!

Yes some are shacking up or in same sex relationships. The reality is that both of those situations still equal single!!

I myself,by my own definition, am the epitome of single lady and it truly sucks! Most days I don’t mind it much, but on the days that it does wear on me, it REALLY wears on me.

Yesterday was one of those days!

While driving home from work my car just cut off in the middle of bumper to bumper rush hour traffic. Not once, not twice, but several times. It just happened out of nowhere, I have never had issues with my car. As much as I tried to remain calm, panic quickly set in.

God has truly blessed me with a great circle of men in my life. (None of them mine though.) I started reaching out for knowledge of what could be the problem and what I needed to do.

I am thankful for my boss, my uncle, my childhood boyfriend, and the love of my life for all answering my calls. Each gave me their opinion and reassuring words. They showed great concern and a couple even offered to come get me if needed. Each gave me a little something to hold on to and kept the tears that were on the verge of falling at bay. My Woobie assured me that it was all going to be okay. I needed that!

So armed with the knowledge that if all else failed someone was coming to get me, prayer, and comforting words I made it to my destination. The commute that normally would have taken me approximately 50 minutes took almost two hours.

After praising God for the safe passage I went to my uncles house. What a relief to see someone who cares and had encouraged me.

Truth is, I was shaking like a leaf and a hug would have helped out greatly to calm my nerves. I so desired to just crawl up into the arms of someone and be held. What I wanted was someone to ask if I was ok. Someone to figure out the problem and get it fixed. I wanted to be the little lady while my man came to my rescue. BUT I don’t have one!

Last nights events made me say a few times……SINGLE SUCKS!!!!

I thank my boss, my uncle, my teddy bear, and my Woobie for being there for me. It means more than you each could know. All knights in shining armor in your own way. Your wives and the others girl friends are truly blessed to have chivalrous men in their lives.

I am at the point where single is no longer going to cut it for me. Prayerfully God will send me a man groomed by Him in the near future. Because once again….. SINGLE LIFE SUCKS!!

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