What happened to Richmond Heights?

What in the world is going on?! I was just talking to my cousin, she asked if I heard about the 7 year old little boy that got shot and and killed in a drive by shooting a few streets over. ( God rest that babies soul an comfort his family.)

I hadn’t heard, so she sent me the link. I was outraged and felt a sense of panic at the same time. Not 30 minutes before they say that this happened, I was sitting in my car on the next block on the same street the shooting took place on talking to a friend that I hadn’t seen since the last day of elementary school.

My heart and mind began to race. My niece is seven, her favorite past times on winter break are playing with her OPS, playing littlest pet shop on her tablet, and watching the amazing world of gumball to name a few.
My grandson is eight, he likes playing board games, doing science projects end playing video games.

These babies are innocent and haven’t really began to live life! It troubles me that a child their age, possibly a classmate to my niece is now deceased. In what world and in who’s mind is this okay??

This makes me sick to my stomach!!!!

What has happened to our neighborhood. I used to take pride in living/being from Richmond Heights. No we didn’t have the wealthiest neighborhood, but our parents made a good living and our neighborhood was safe and something to be proud of.

Shortly after I arrived back here a few weeks ago I was talking to a deployed friend of mine on FB, he commented on the palm trees and made a comment that I live in a rich neighborhood. I laughed and told him it was funny he said that and told him the name of our neighborhood. Once I told him I grew up in Richmond Heights, he quickly got very serious and asked should I really be here. I asked what he knew about Richmond Heights, being that he has never been to Miami. His response cut deep “it’s bad out there, I see it all the time on the first 48.” ☹ Dang!!
This is the second drive by three days. Lord have mercy!! What has happened to our neighborhood? Why Lord are not only people in general losing their lives over foolishness, but now the babies?! Lord I pray for the family of this baby, his classmates when they go back to school, for the administrators that have to find a way to explain death and a loss of a friend to these little ones.

Richmond Heights used to be s place to be proud to live and some envied those that lived there. We need to find a way to bring peace to out streets so that we can LIVE safely and these precious babies can have a chance at life. And some day know the pride that came with being a resident of Richmond Heights!!!

3 thoughts on “What happened to Richmond Heights?

  1. This is heart wrenching, something we hear way too much and should never get comfortable with. My heart and prayers are with the family and community.


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