I’ll wait

It is a difficult thing to watch the love of your life love someone else.

To know that your heart yearns for that one missing piece that only that person has to make it complete.

To hear them speak another with the loving sweet tone that you felt was only reserved for you. We all know the voice that I am speaking about. The voice that drips I love you without having to say the words.

I tell myself to hold the on that my time will come. There is no need in fighting the fact that it is only he that I truly desire. I have filled space and time on occasions, but that’s all that it has been, passing time.

Anyone that I try to date. I feel myself comparing them to him. 27 years later I have yet to find someone that could even stand in his shadow. No one else comes close to measuring up.

They say that anything worth having is worth working and waiting for. I will continue to wait and work because I know with everything in me he will be well worth the wait.

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