In and out, out and in aw damn baby here I cum again. I scream your name though I can barely speak,one more stroke and I’ll flood the sheets.

As you sample my nectar looking intently at my face my heart is racing at an alarming pace. You in me and me surrounding you. United as one body, no longer two.

Transcending this earthly place, void of a measure of time. Once more exploding in unison, your loves elixir united with mine.

Tongues dancing to our passions beat, tasting me off your lips, nectar so sweet. A stirring against my thighs, smiling as your instrument is revitalized.

Play me a song lover, make it sweet. Tell me our story, yet not one word needed to speak.

Pull me in closer, hold my hips steady. As you enter my garden filled with morning dew, yes I’m ready.

Into my eyes you intently stare, grabbing a handful of my tousled hair. Round two… Wait three or possibly four. No need to keep tally, I simply want more.

From my slumber my body does wake to no you here with me. Disappointment sets in with reality. This could not have been a dream. I pull back the covers to survey the scene. Fresh trails of wetness along my thighs and in between…. I guess ladies also have wett dreams.

Good morning babe 💋

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