Lord come get your child.

SIP….?? RIP…?

Is it really peaceful? If so, how do I get to that?? This thing called life is so hectic!
Peace, what the heck is that??
If it requires resting or sleeping to get it, that’s where I want to be at.

Waking everyday, dreading the opening of my eyes. Wondering what disappointments will this day bring or how many tears will fall from my eyes.

Lord, you said no more than I can bare! My knees, spirit, and will are all buckling God… Please come take me with you there.

My heart is too beaten and battered to even hurt anymore. I want to be with you God, please guide me to your door.

I’ve cried so many tears that not another will even form in my eyes. Lord this world is so cold and nasty. So much that living in it I despise.

Too often I find myself angry and mean. Can’t seem to manage or find a smile. Enough is enough God, please come get your child.

Golden Rule…

Sometimes I just need to vent..
I was taught as a child, the golden rule, “treat others how you want to be treated.” What I wasn’t advised of is that this rule doesn’t apply in love or relationships.

We all have our very own love language. Fortunately yet unfortunately, it takes time to get to know a person and the love language that speaks to their heart.

I always thought that this process is what “dating” is about. To get to know one another.

During this getting to know you process, certain holidays and life markers such as birthdays or anniversaries appear.

Now as you get to know and grow to love someone you are most likely inclined to celebrate or give gifts to the person that you are dating.

Here is where it gets tricky….

Being that you are still getting to know this person it make take a little trial and error in the gift giving department.

Now I feel that I am a good listener and I retain certain key points from conversation that may provide clues as to what the person I am dating may like.

I love to shower a person with adoration, compliments, letters, handmade gifts, etc. BUT that may not be the love language of the person that I am dating.

So when it comes time for me to give /show tokens of love if I give a gift that appeals to my love language. I may be setting myself up for disappointment because I don’t get the reaction that I would have given.

I learned a valuable lesson today. I have amended the golden rule to state, “treat others as you would like them to treat you AND….. Love others in a language that speaks to their heart, not to yours.

Tracylily šŸ’‹


Communication is the key to so many things.

Words can heal just as well as they can destroy.

Written words such as texts or emails have sadly come to replace verbal communication.

Still when most decide to verbalized these days it is over the telephone.

Relationships are at an all time low and often in a state of dysfunctional emergency.

All because people don’t talk anymore.

A disagreement or even an argument from time to time is healthy believe it or not.

When you are learning another person and allowing them to learn you there is nothing wrong with disagreeing.

Communication shows us different views, it sparks alternate avenues of thinking, and bridges gaps.

Back in the days before all of the electronics and smart communications, families actually talked during meals. Now no one even looks up from their mobile devices.

I say let’s take time periodically and return to the days of TALKING!! In my opinion all of these smart devices have made us socially retarded.

Talk to someone you love today. You just might find something more to love about them.

Tra’ Lily šŸ’‹