Lord come get your child.

SIP….?? RIP…?

Is it really peaceful? If so, how do I get to that?? This thing called life is so hectic!
Peace, what the heck is that??
If it requires resting or sleeping to get it, that’s where I want to be at.

Waking everyday, dreading the opening of my eyes. Wondering what disappointments will this day bring or how many tears will fall from my eyes.

Lord, you said no more than I can bare! My knees, spirit, and will are all buckling God… Please come take me with you there.

My heart is too beaten and battered to even hurt anymore. I want to be with you God, please guide me to your door.

I’ve cried so many tears that not another will even form in my eyes. Lord this world is so cold and nasty. So much that living in it I despise.

Too often I find myself angry and mean. Can’t seem to manage or find a smile. Enough is enough God, please come get your child.

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