If only I had wings
Wings to spread and fly away.
Fly away to a place free
Free of cares.

Using the things hidden
Hidden deeply inside.
As the wind to carry
Carry me away away from today.

With all that I have stored
Stored away deep within me.
I could soar to the heavens
Transcending this world that restricts me.
is a spirit needing to be free.
Yet is weighed down with deadweight, weight buried within me.

Those things intended for bad,
Bad yep they wanted to cause. I no longer cloak in darkness buried in my heart.

Use it for fuel,
fuel to elevate me.
To reach my highest heights, heights God ordered just for me.

I’ll use the pain as a ladder
Ladder to elevate me.
Elevate my thoughts and emotions. Emotions to set my spirit free.

As my spirit soars above all the pain stored up in me.

Oh how I wish I had wings.
Wings to carry me. To a place were my spirit can break loose and forever run free

Death ain’t playin!

Death is not playing in 2016!

As a matter of fact it seems to be working double time and a half lately. Seems that you can’t go a week without hearing the news that someone has passed on from this life. Prince, Muhammad Ali, Chyna, and Kimbo Slice all In less than a months time frame. Jesus! The nine soilders at Ft. Hood, my God they were babies!! Young Eugene Williams Jr., who at 24, lost his life crossing the street! Sleep In Peace young man. Oh Father!!

Death is everywhere, near and far, at a troublesome rate! And death is taking the young! Lurking like a thief In the night. Taking our entertainers and loved ones by a toehold and snatching them from this side into the next.

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, but death….oh death is a guarantee!! And it’s cashing in early. Y’all death is coming, breathing down our necks, and right up in our heels. We can’t run nor hide from it. It’s coming!

The Bible says that ” the wages of sin is death.”
We have all sinned! I KNOW I have and if you just a little honest with yourself so have you and you and you, yes even YOU!!

Death is coming to collect what Is owed and it can not be avoided. We will all some day return to ashes and dust just like we came from.

Life is short and eventually it will run out. Enjoy it to the fullest while you still can!!

Get what time you do have here right with God, so that you can have life enteral.

Don’t be afraid to love and let your love be known. It’s okay!