Heal me

When I think of you a smile slowly spreads across my face. Butterflies take flight in my stomach and my heart begins to race.

The pain of my past is like a candle in the distance, only seen as a flicker. You help me to heal. Your body is my elixir and your touch is my soul fixer.

Methodically you beat my body like a drum while at the same time, my heartstrings you gently strum. All to leave me floating on a river of cum.

When you kiss my lips, yours taste so sweet. The way you devour my lady lips is always a much welcomed treat.

Your hands are gentle with my body as you caress. Every time I see and touch you, it’s hard to stay dressed.

Your love takes me to higher heights it’s you that I crave all over and in me every night. I’m no longer wondering alone in darkness, your love gives me light.

Through your love I am starting to see the beauty that always thought had surpassed me.

Mend me, make me whole. Keep fixing my tattered heart that your loving has stole. 💋

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