Can you be difficult to love?

In life we all go through changes, upsets, let downs, disappointments, frustrations, etc. Sad reality is that they can’t be avoided. My question is how do you handle these negatives?

Many are fortunate enough to have a select few that love unconditionally. That are willing to support us through thick and thin. That’s if they are allowed to.

It is said that we hurt the ones closest to us. Often when angry or hurt we have the tendency to lash out at or shut down with those that only want to love is through the difficult times.

Yelling, screaming, lashing out are not so uncommon when you feel that you have been slighted or mistreated. BUT, sadly too often this behavior isn’t acted out on those that have wronged us.

Do you shut down when you’re hurt? Are you grumpy? Are you mean spirited? Short tempered? Are you just down right mean when the trials of life are standing on your doorstep??

Please be careful taking your frustrations out on the ones that love and care for you. Your loved ones understand that you are going through and will be there for you. Don’t take that for granted.

Make sure that you express what you need during these times. Take a moment to assure those that love you that your anger is not with them.

Know that when you lash out at the wrong people it makes it very challenging to love you in that moment.

In your down times don’t compile the mystery by being difficult to love.

Tracylily 💋

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