Hater on my heartstrings 

I want to first thank God for the doors that He is opening for me these days. After what seemed like forever of feeling like I was alone in the darkness, I see the light just around the bend. 
Getting the first breakthrough last week I was SUPER excited and about to burst at the seams to tell someone but not wanting to disclose too much too soon. 
Unable to hold it,I called someone that had been with me through many tough times over the last year. Waiting for them to pick up the phone seemed like an eternity! In my excited state, as soon as I heard the familiar voice on the other line, I blurted out the unexpected great turn of events, speaking a mile a minute. 
Finally having got it all out and pausing to catch my breath, I was a little taken aback to hear awkward silence on the other end. “Did you hear me”, I asked, slightly confused. 
After an even longer pause I finally hear the driest “congratulations” imaginable. I can’t really believe my ears and re stress how happy I am, only to hear in a stale voice, ” that’s good I guess”. I don’t even remember how we ended the call. 
Yet I can’t forget how deflated I felt. To top it all off this fun sponge did not call or answer my calls, nor text or respond to my texts for almost a day and a half. 
I realized then that this person was not at all happy for me and could not understand why. I mean after all, we had struggled, cried, prayed, scraped up change together, and so much more. When I didn’t have a roof over my head or food to eat, this person opened their home to me to use their guest room and on more than one occasions provided me a meal or two. 
I in return was there for them as well. Through family distress, employment woes, financial struggles, etc. I was there doing research on legal matters, helping on the job search, and picking up financial slack!  
During the disappearance, I thought back long and hard, realizing they had never been happy when good things came my way. 
When I finished my manuscript for my book they ridiculed and judged me, when I came out of my homeless state, they criticized where I moved to, and now this!!! 
I came to the realization that some people will claim to “love” you when you are doing worse than them. But, as soon as you get on your feet and things start to turn around they are of no support for you. 
Didn’t want to say that the person was a hater because of had invested my time, my talent, and my treasure in them, and have even still a special adoration for them. 
My prayers these days are a little different where this person is concerned. I am asking God to remove those that aren’t for me out of my life, especially this one. 
I will not let a bitter or selfish person dampen Gods blessings in my life. 
Saying good bye to this hater on my heartstrings.