Who is she…

Who is she and what is she to you!!


I’m me and I’m all that he desires for me to be, but more importantly I am who I choose to be!

I’m that woman, no not her!!
Yesssssssss! Her, she is me!
That all around woman that you can only hope to be!

You see I am the one that your mama warned you about! You know the one your man secretly dreams about?

Fearfully and Wonderfully made. Very quick witted, no need to throw shade. I am her, God fearing and domineering!! Yes she is me!

Mountains have no choice but to move out of my way!! And you better know when I step, I come to slay! I’m her!

As I rise each morning the enemy shakes his head. My guardian angel secretly wishes I stay in bed. She needs her sneakers to keep up with me, I have things to do and places to be! Yep I’m me!

My endeavors aren’t about the money and don’t really need the fame. But mark my words you will remember my name! Say it!

It’s in the sway of my hips and shown in the smile on my face. When this she walks in a room, attention is drawn from all over the place. It’s her!

Women tend to grasp their men a little tighter. I’m sure they recognize the epitome of a rider! But no need to worry I’m not a home divider. Not me!

I have dreams, ambition, and personal goals. That’s the air of confidence that you see as I stroll. Tracy!

Don’t be alarmed I don’t come as a threat. Get your panties out of a bunch, I don’t want your man boo. Stop sweating and don’t fret.

As I said I am her! Who is he to me? Just another admiring fan from the bleachers; silently wishing you could be a fraction of me.

So when you see me, stop and stare,or continue to hate. lol I really don’t care.

Yes I am her, I’m she, I’m me!! Living in my lane, where I’m proud to be.

Don’t waste your time trying to compare. Sweetie, pave your own lane. Learn to love you, over there!

Tracylily 💋

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