Be you!

Your question is why;

My answer is why not?

You ask what I am looking for;

I say, everything you got!! 
From the way you caress my hands, 

And the way you stare into my eyes;

The way your voice soothes my soul,

To the way you grip my thighs. 
The way you walk, 

The way you talk,

Your cheeky smile, 

Your swag and style. 
I watch you walk

And my heart skips beats. 

Have me whispering in your ear

While tearing up the sheets. 
You calm the beast

That lurks within me deep. 

All while keeping a smile on my face, 

Even in my sleep. 
So to you I say,

Keep doing what you do. 

Don’t change one thing! 

Because I love you for YOU!!! 
Tracylily 💋

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