Face of Depression

What does depression look like?

In my years, I have had a mental picture of depression and it was very ugly and scary. To me depression looked like someone zoned out, unable to focus or communicate, rocking back and forth, maybe even a straight jacket.  Definitely not “normal”.

I could not have been more mistaken or misguided.

Depression is masked by a smile and nurturing disposition, always willing to lend a helping hand. Yet sleep deprived, unable to sleep peacefully for God knows how long.

Depression is in the pulpit, preaching and teaching Gods word, leading unsaved souls to salvation through Christ. Yet unknowingly battling thoughts of suicide…

Depression graces  the big and small screens, making un comprehendible amounts money, awarded all types of accolades, names on the tongues of every household, and envied by the masses. All the while feeling empty and without purpose.

That person dressed in the finest clothes, driving the fanciest of cars, living in a mansion… are they happy?

In the house on the hill with the white picket fence, occupied by a husband and wife with 2.5 children and a well behaved dog, is there a happy household?

That nurse with the cheery disposition and textbook bedside manner, has she attained her goals?

Depression dwells in all of these people and a plethora more.

I have learned that depression is a chameleon, a master of disguises!

A pretty face that is rarely seen and sleeps for days at a time.  That friend that is always willing to lend a listening ear.  Sitting on the back pew at church, trying to be silent and invisible. Very loving and understanding. Cries in the shower to hide the tears.  Your biggest cheerleader, yet their own worst critic.  Seems to have it all together, but inside silently falling apart.

Shamefully , secretly, and painfully… the face of depression is me!

Is it yours as well??