Lisa Pippen is her name!!!

Logging onto Facebook,

Always ready for a slay!!

Yes, a notification from my favo MUA!!

This is how I love to end my day.

Humble, soft spoken, Lisa Pippen is her name.

Amazingly self taught and still at the top of the game!

To the praise music she owns no rights,

She stays workin magic with those brushes day and night.

Now trolls don’t try it, watch what you say!!!

Big momma ain’t havin it, on block island you will stay!!

Lisa’s building, she’s blending, and she bout to be beat!!

Y’all other MUAs please take a seat…

L- is for her light that shines from within

I- for intercessory prayer, she is an awesome friend!!

S- is for the spirit of God, with which she’s filled

A- is for attitude, from her you’ll get nil.

P- is for “poppa”, either King or Jax

I- is for integrity, Lisa is filled with that!!

P- for the praises to God that she openly sings!

P- is for the people, to the makeup knowledge she brings!

E- is for esthetics, Lisa is about that healthy skin!

N- is for “Neva NO DAY baby”will she let negativity win!!!

Her name is Lisa Pippen, on her lives she does slay!! When it comes to makeup she’s beyond awesome u must say!

Again her name is Lisa Pippen and no matter night or day, she rocks with her BEAUTEES the long way!!!

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