Sowing and Reaping

I have always heard ” gurl you gone reap what sow!” I have head it from childhood til yesterday.

My observation is that when most people say it they do so with a scowl on their face and a crooked pointed finger. As if this is a curse or hex!

Many things are a manner of understanding and interpretation.

I personally do not believe that this particular scripture (oh yes, this is biblical, found in Galatians 6:7) was meant solely to damn a person to negativity.

If you look at it a little differently, we all on an everyday basis reap something that someone else took the time to sow.

Prime example food, especially produce!! We didn’t go out and tend to the ground to be able to plant those ripe red tomatoes. We did not one day water them. Nor did we pick nary one. But some of us can’t eat a salad or a burger without a juicy red tomato. Each time you take a bite you are reaping from someone else’s harvest.

Let’s try to turn this around to a positive… if you sow happy thoughts you will reap happy actions. If you sow a good and on time work ethic, you will reap a paycheck.

If all you do is think and speak negatively, you can surely expect darkness and negativity to come your way. If you sow pricked pears don’t you dare expect a harvest of Golden Delicious apples.

I ask you today what are you sowing? And what are you expecting to reap???


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