When you see me, what do you see?

The question will be the same, but the answer will be as many answers as the people you ask.

No matter the perception of those behind the beholding eyes, I will remain me. The person that God made me to be.

I know I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m still me. Sent with an assignment for humanity.

I am imperfectly perfect, a gem to behold. Possessing a heaven sent message that must be told.

You will never find another, no matter how low or how high,

I was created with a purpose that no other can ever complete.

So beyond my insecurities, despite of my shortcomings, and my oddities… even with my flaws, I am me.

My heart is vast and my intentions are pure. Of these things for certain you can be sure.

Can you see me beyond my flaws?

Recenter your focus, my assignment calls!!

I will make no promises to be more than God calls me to be.

In His eyes I’m perfect, imperfectly!!

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