Life is like a jigsaw puzzle within a jigsaw puzzle. We are all uniquely designed to be an intricate part.

Each struggle is a piece, each triumph is a piece,every tear, every smile, your laugh, each and every milestone is a piece… a piece of the puzzle that binds together to create you as a whole.

Not only are we pieces in our own puzzle, but in others as well. You never know where you may fit into someone else’s completion. But recognize that you fill in holes in others lives with pieces of you.

Every person, every season, every action, every event is a small piece in the puzzle of life. When things seem to be falling apart or unorganized, remember that God has a plan. So everything happens for a reason.

In the end, when all of the pieces come together it will all make perfect sense. Alone we may only be able to do a little, but together we can do so much.

Know that you are needed in this thing called life. Without you the world is incomplete, your piece is vital! You are precious and needed.

© [Tracylily] [2016] All Rights Reserved

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