Hey loved ones! I just wanted to take a moment to encourage all that are going through. Doesn’t matter what you are going through; I want to encourage you. Know that God has not forgotten you! He will never leave you or forsake you!! If you are in the midst of a storm, know that the SON will shine again. In the meantime learn to dance in the rain.

Dance by finding the good in the midst of what you are going through. Learn to dance by studying and meditating on God’s word. Reach out to another sister/ brother that is going through; dance with her/him. Don’t just sit and focus on your trials and tribulations. Understand that God still uses you in the midst of your valley experience. There is water in the Valley!! Scoop some up and help a brother/sister that is parched! Reach out to another that you haven’t seen/ talked to in a while or one that you know could use some encouragement. I promise you it will not only lift your them up, but you will find that it lifts you as well. Dance!!

This life is not intended to be a solo! We need one another!! Be encouraged and dance like no one is watching!!

© [Tracylily] [2016] All Rights Reserved

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