The rainbow was a promise of Peace to Noah from God. A promise that He would never destroy the earth by flood again (Genesis 9:13-17)

Many look for rainbows after a storm, they tend to give feelings of peace and serenity.

Scientifically rainbows are a phenomenal occurrence that is caused by sunlight in an area of the sky directly opposite the sun.

The rainbow is used by the LGBT community, the colors represent the diversity of their lives. Representing the uniqueness and individuality of all.

Red-is associated with energy and strength

Orange- is associated with enthusiasm, and creativity

Yellow- is associated with joy and happiness

Green- is associated with growth and harmony

Blue- is associated with trust and confidence

Purple- is associated with royalty and power

Rainbows mean a represent so much. In each scenario it brings something positive and full of hope.

When life’s storms come, don’t focus on the rain, wait for the rainbow. Be it in the sky or through other types of symbolism, it’s there.

Often it is where you least expect it… inside of you.

You are a rainbow within and of yourself. 🌈💜🤗

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