On my face I wear a mask, I’ve worn this mask most of my life.

I hide behind this mask to conceal my pain. Be it physically, emotional, or spiritual.

I wear my mask so that others believe that all is well. Or when I don’t feel safe expressing my pain.

Masks are worn to conceal hurt or even shame. They hide the negative, but then again can keep positive qualities hidden as well.

My mask shows every emotion that I can’t or don’t truly feel. It has two holes just like every other mask.

Through these holes my eyes are revealed, but not for me to see. They are an attempt for others to see behind the mask, for them to see me. So tell me do you see them? Do you see me?

I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially if the someone getting hurt is me.

Sometimes I wish someone would look closely enough, enough to see the pain and brokenness, that is me.

I understand how dangerous a mask can possibly be. Know that those who wear masks often tell more truths than those with open faces, ironically.

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

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