Old post written in 2015, sadly still true in 2019…😰

Laying here writing and I saw a baby lizard out of the corner of my eye….. It startled me. Without thinking I jumped up and grabbed a shoe and beat it till it stopped moving. Without a second thought I got the broom and the dust pan swept it up and flushed it.

Once I laid back down I started to feel convicted.

Mind you I am not afraid of lizards! I see them all the time and never bat an eye…… I have even picked up a few in my day.

So my spirit began to ask me ” then why did you kill it?”

I could have left it alone or even picked it up and took it outside… But I opted to beat the poor thing to DEATH!!!!

Is this the type of knee jerk reaction that is spawning the deaths of young brothers and sisters so frequently these days??

Are young people dying not necessarily because of fear but more because of someone’s knee jerk reaction to them being too close to where their murders lay their head??

My actions resulting in that poor lizards demise got me to thinking on a totally different level.

We have to do better by ALL of Gods creatures!!!

Lord forgive me, please.

©Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

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