I know within my heart of hearts that I am not from here. I’m not from this place, this dimension, or space.

I am here on borrowed time, in a borrowed body, and living in borrowed time.

I refuse to adapt, to try to fit in… for I trust that I will soon transcend again.

Back to the place of love and genuineness.

To the place full of pretty colors and many flowers in bloom.

I’ll go through the motions in this place full of hate and strife.

But I will do it on my own terms, that’s how I’ll live this tainted life.

I know I’m a Heavenly being in a hell filled place.

Help me Father to fulfill my destiny and please protect your child from the traps set for me.

I don’t belong here, this world is not for me!

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

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