Today has been a day to say the very least.

Today has been a day that my frustrations did increase.

Quiet, I’ve been quiet, quiet most of this day today.

If I had not been quiet, some would have felt some type of way.

See I have been holding in so much, so much I try not to say.

Had I opened my mouth instead of being quiet on today, I’d have had a case of word vomit and too much I’m sure I’d say.

So thank you Lord Jesus for silencing me today and please help me to find a way to express what I need to say.

Just not today.

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A piece without a puzzle…

A piece without a puzzle…

What turn was it that made life so lonely?

What event was it that made me invisible?

It used to be that I thought I was an interchangeable part.

Able to adapt to any situation or environment.

Only to have become a piece without a puzzle…

Not fitting in anywhere…

Just alone amongst others with purpose, lonely me.