If you don’t know, you just don’t know. If you don’t live it you can’t relate.

From the outside looking in doesn’t do.

From the imprisonment within my body things are really not that great!!

Invisible illnesses and disabilities are a double edged sword. Most render you riddled with pain of indescribable proportions. Often crippling and exhausting. Yet INVISIBLE!!!

The pains are more than enough to have to battle in the physical. Honestly, no matter how much you fight it begins to effect your mental and destroys your self esteem. While INVISIBLE to those around you.

Imagine being viable and active in one moment and the next unable to ambulate. Imagine having months of no pain only to be slammed and confined to your bed. But no one can see the INVISIBLE assault.

It’s a very lonely state of being. It causes isolation, separation, and misunderstandings. We break dates and miss monumental moments in the lives of our loved ones. They may interpret it as disregard or lack of support. Not realizing the heartbreak it causes the sufferer. I mean because after all these things happen sporadically and they do so INVISIBLY!!

As I lay here in sound mind but with an unable body, I’m sad… no more like heartbroken!!! I missed my baby sisters wedding because of the INVISIBLE hell of being trapped inside of my own body!!

INVISIBLE illnesses suck!!! And I hate it here!!!

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