Yeah I said it! I don’t want a “relationship.”

I have heard it said that they hold you back.

I definitely want the best of the best, best friend!! Yep, one that I can sleep with.

I want someone that I can not only make love to but… hustle with, travel and make memories with, achieve my dreams with, and help to conquer his, I want to live the remainder of my days with him. I want to be the right shoe to his left, making us the perfect pair. I want a partner, not only in crime, to be the Bonny to his Clyde!! We will be a duo, the most dynamic kind!!

I want a somebody that awakens my smile. A man who is distinguished and has his own style. Someone I can laugh and build with, cry and be vulnerable, and share my deepest fears with. I need to be able to trust him with my money, my life, but most importantly my heart. I want someone that will heal it, not pull it apart.

Someone that doesn’t trigger feelings of abandonment and that I have no fear that I will lose. Someone that proves with his actions that he will always be there and that it’s me that he forever will chose.

“Relationships”, aren’t for me. I’ve tried and failed enough of them.

A PARTNERSHIP, now you are talking!! That’s my shit and I look forward to one with the right Him!!

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

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