I am only one person, battered, bruised,laughed at, talked about, mocked and abused.

Despite my brokenness,depths of my pain, shattered dreams, public humiliation, and all in between, my shoulders remain squared and head held high.

But I am only one person, there will undeniably be a point at which I break. God keep giving me the strength as you reveal the fake.

There would have been a time that I would have questioned and doubted myself. But I have learned not to accept the in energy of naysayers, often moving stealth.

I am only one person, filled with aspirations much greater than you and three. Lord, help me to remain focused as I walk in my purpose.

Very few understand. Many attempt to mock me. Most will try to come back. But trust none will stop me.

I am who I am. My life is ordered. No one can replace me!! I only I can fulfill what is assigned to me. See you must understand that, I am but one person!!

I am perfectly imperfect! Imperfectly ME!

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

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