I am but one person

I am but one person

I am only one person, battered, bruised,laughed at, talked about, mocked and abused.

Despite my brokenness,depths of my pain, shattered dreams, public humiliation, and all in between, my shoulders remain squared and head held high.

But I am only one person, there will undeniably be a point at which I break. God keep giving me the strength as you reveal the fake.

There would have been a time that I would have questioned and doubted myself. But I have learned not to accept the in energy of naysayers, often moving stealth.

I am only one person, filled with aspirations much greater than you and three. Lord, help me to remain focused as I walk in my purpose.

Very few understand. Many attempt to mock me. Most will try to come back. But trust none will stop me.

I am who I am. My life is ordered. No one can replace me!! I only I can fulfill what is assigned to me. See you must understand that, I am but one person!!

I am perfectly imperfect! Imperfectly ME!

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Feeling unappreciated, seems that nothing I do is good enough.

Feeling unappreciated, I sacrifice me at the drop of a dime.

Feeling unappreciated, to be turned on for reasons unknown.

Feeling unappreciated, one minute we are talking and it’s a vibe, next minute complete silence during the ride.

Feeling so unappreciated, it hurts when it is you.

Feeling unappreciated, didn’t think it would be you too.

Feeling unappreciated, I guess that’s all I’ll ever get.

Feeling unappreciated, yep that’s me.

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Partnership me!

Partnership me!

Yeah I said it! I don’t want a “relationship.”

I have heard it said that they hold you back.

I definitely want the best of the best, best friend!! Yep, one that I can sleep with.

I want someone that I can not only make love to but… hustle with, travel and make memories with, achieve my dreams with, and help to conquer his, I want to live the remainder of my days with him. I want to be the right shoe to his left, making us the perfect pair. I want a partner, not only in crime, to be the Bonny to his Clyde!! We will be a duo, the most dynamic kind!!

I want a somebody that awakens my smile. A man who is distinguished and has his own style. Someone I can laugh and build with, cry and be vulnerable, and share my deepest fears with. I need to be able to trust him with my money, my life, but most importantly my heart. I want someone that will heal it, not pull it apart.

Someone that doesn’t trigger feelings of abandonment and that I have no fear that I will lose. Someone that proves with his actions that he will always be there and that it’s me that he forever will chose.

“Relationships”, aren’t for me. I’ve tried and failed enough of them.

A PARTNERSHIP, now you are talking!! That’s my shit and I look forward to one with the right Him!!

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Will you?

Will you?

At times I wonder if you see me?

Admire my hair, the way I walk?

My clothes, the way I talk?

We’ve been acquainted for a little time now,

Am I’m still invisible to you. 

My feelings are growing and how

I wonder if yours are too.

I hear your voice every time I close my eyes.

To me, you just seem so different from the other guys.

To you, am I just a friend,

Nothing more, nothing less.

I settle for friendship in the end

Because I don’t want to make a mess.

Instead, I’ll keep my desires to myself

And place my feelings back on a shelf.

Until one day you finally see

What you and I could possibly be.

I’ll wait for now but not too long

Because sooner or later I’ll be gone. But will you truly notice me?

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

When I …

When I …

When I hear you,
Your baritone resounds while you say hi with the sweetest voice in the world.

When I hear you,
My heart skips beats and I don’t know what to say.

When I hear you,
Love and happiness fills my thoughts, and all of my troubles fade away.

When I hear you,
I wonder if you think about me as often as I think of you.

I daydream about the day that not only will I hear you, but get to see you too.

When I see you,
It will be confirmation of what my heart so strongly feels for you.

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

What lies beneath…

What lies beneath…

It flows like a current unbeknownst to all that are in the path of harms way.

Nobody knows it but me!! I used to be afraid, but now I have no feeling or even concern.

What lays beneath…

No one has ever dared to ask or even open eyes to see.

A current so charged that it surpasses the measure of electricity.

Hotter than the degrees of magma boiling not so far under our feet.

I am so close to detonation, trigger of a split hair.

Damage beyond control, devastation everywhere!

Don’t say I didn’t give warning. Time just wasn’t taken to heed.

The rage, hurt, anger, disappointment, loneliness, humiliation, isolation, and all else that has been stuffed down inside.

When it begins to spew like word vomit and settles covering as if volcanic ash.

I tried…

What lays beneath!!

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

Dream maker

Dream maker

I yearn to see your face, to gaze upon your smile.

Lol, but that’s nothing new, I’ve wanted that for a while.

Today is different, my heart feels your presence is close to me.

I’m dropping bread crumbs to coordinate me and thee.

I feel that I know you, however to get to you I must try.

I’ve invited you to me in the ways that I know how… I hate being shy!

Please hear the words that my mouth won’t form to say.

Lets not let the opportunity pass us by make today the day.

From a far I have admired you, hypnotized by your voice.

I yearn to touch your skin, would that also be your choice?

Two strangers passing, in a closely woven realm.

I don’t want anything from you other than your hand to have held.

I have seen you in my dreams, where I walked the beach with you.

What I’m trying to say and don’t really know how to is…

Do you think you can come see me and make my dreams come true?

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

The nobody that’s me…

The nobody that’s me…

I am who I am, who I am is me.

Who is that really? Who really is me?

I’m nobody to everybody, yep that is thee.

Not even somebody to anybody?

A life lived love free.

It would be nice to be someone to anyone…

But that’s not the life of me!

I just am who I am…

A nobody to everybody.

Yep that’s me!!

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

Today I’m Tired

Today I’m Tired

Today is the day that I give birth to death.

Please make it swift because to live this life I have nothing left.

Make my passage quick,please do me that favor.

For there is nothing in life left for me to savor.

Blowing in the wind like ash from burning paper.

Me and in this life is truly a cruel caper.

I surrender, I’m waving the flag…

I’m on the downside, please let it be quick.

Tired of this lonely life and living it sick!!

© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved

Let me?

Let me?

He is as mysterious as the highest mountain peaks. Could I be the one, the one that his heart seeks?

The depth of his voice, melodically flowing like the bottomless seas. Secrets to unlock and I want the keys.

I find myself wanting to be the one to find the secrets of his lonesome winds, what is it that he is holding so deeply within?

In his voice I hear fire and it ignites my inner flame. Something keeps telling me that this man is different, not at all the same.

Scorpio, I have no fear of your sting, although I know it’s a part. Yet I’ll take my chances to navigate to you inner most places, even those covered with dark.

Something tells me you are a Phoenix raised from the ash, I assure you that I am like no other you have encountered in the past.

I’m not concerned about the face peering from behind the mask. I want be the sunshyne,in my warmth you may bask.

So, If you will take one step, I will take two. Lets take this walk together… I mean isn’t that what duos do?


© Tracylily 2016 All Rights Reserved