Introvert that hates COVID-19!

Introvert that hates COVID-19!

I am an introvert.

An introvert by nature, sometimes it feels like by choice. But no matter the reason, an introvert I am.

Way too often I have had to force myself to be social. I have had to fight within myself to hug, shake hands, and smile upon demand.

While it is a struggle for me being close to others…these days oddly enough I miss people.

I miss interacting, conversation, and human touch.

2020, COVID-19, and the quarantine have all taken their toll on humanity as a whole!! Life as we know it will never be the same.

We can’t cough in public without bring side-eyed, masks are a staple, social distancing, working from home,, and so much more.

Skin-to- skin contact is essential for mental, physical, and emotional health as well. One of the greatest things touch can do is reduce stress. This allows immune system to function properly.

Don’t we need out immune system to function properly in these trying times? Don’t we need less stress these days. Yet we can’t touch or be near one another.

I can only speak for me… I hate what life has become. I realize more snd more that what studies show is true, people need people. This is lonely place snd way to be.

Having not been touched in anyway for months on end is taking a toll on me. I’m so over this new way of life.

A hug is over due and much needed!

And I hate COVID -19

Whew, there I said it!

I am the prize.

I am the prize.

Listen up y’all, I have an announcement to make! I’m leaving no room for you to misunderstand. Giving you the gutter truth, straight no chaser, so take it like a man!

I’ve never been second place, nor honorably mentioned, so stay away from me if you have ill intentions.

While you are shaking and moving with your wondering eyes, you played yourself buster…


Thought you could cheat the queen, proved you were a clown. Take a seat and spectate you weren’t worthy to be near the crown!

Lick your wounds and dry your eyes! Sit in the losers section, you lost…


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