Imperfectly perfect

Imperfectly perfect

When you see me, what do you see?

The question will be the same, but the answer will be as many answers as the people you ask.

No matter the perception of those behind the beholding eyes, I will remain me. The person that God made me to be.

I know I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m still me. Sent with an assignment for humanity.

I am imperfectly perfect, a gem to behold. Possessing a heaven sent message that must be told.

You will never find another, no matter how low or how high,

I was created with a purpose that no other can ever complete.

So beyond my insecurities, despite of my shortcomings, and my oddities… even with my flaws, I am me.

My heart is vast and my intentions are pure. Of these things for certain you can be sure.

Can you see me beyond my flaws?

Recenter your focus, my assignment calls!!

I will make no promises to be more than God calls me to be.

In His eyes I’m perfect, imperfectly!!

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This thing called Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is as big funny looking word that packs even bigger but not so funny pain.  Pain is not the only thing that this condition carries however.  To live just one day in the midst of a Fibro flare would cause most to want to tap out.  Yet we that battle this monster everyday are often categorized as lazy, over exaggerating, anti-social, and even attention seekers.

It hurts my heart that there are even medical professionals that are ignorant enough to dismiss the mental and physical suffering that we endure.  From one day to the next we never really know what to expect from our bodies and minds. Truthfully, a flare can hit at any moment for any reason so we really don’t know what we will have to deal with from moment to moment. Little is really known about Fibromyalgia, its symptoms, or triggers.  Recently, I took a trip to the emergency room and had a Doctor to tell me that Fibromyalgia isn’t a real “thing”.  That it is just a generic term used in the medical profession to categorize “unexplained” pain.  What an insult and slap in the face.

As I laid there unable to stand and bear weight on my legs due  to shooting pain from my hips to my ankles, while having muscle cramps in my back, fight the urge to vomit, eyes unable to focus, and not remembering what I had done the day before, all I could do was choke back my words. With tears in my eyes, I asked God to hold my tongue.  I vowed to myself that I would help to bring awareness to those so sadly ignorant to our fight.

In the upcoming days and months I will share through my eyes and my body this life changer called Fibromyalgia.



(Dedicated to my dearest Raven… Spread your wings and soar!!)

Let me tell you how I have learned to be naked and not ashamed of the hands that God deals me in my life… I play the hand I am dealt shamelessly, boldly, and at my own pace!! This life we only get one of and we only have to answer to one for it and that is God!! So live your life naked and not ashamed because we were born into it unclothed so God already knows what the “clothes” are trying to hide!! And He loves us despite of any flaw because He blessed us with them. Be proud as you throw out that 4 of spades because it just may walk and be another book that counts in the hand that you have been dealt! Live!!!!!

Seeing your face brings a smile to mine.

I long for the moments when our fingers intertwine.

Butterflies in my stomach as you stroke my hair.

I see your soul when into your eyes I stare.

Feeling your heart beating at a methodical pace,

As slow trails on your back my nail tips lovingly trace.

Forever in your presence is where I desire to be.

All eternity together, Just you and me.


In your arms is where I find peace…

My Serenity!

Looking into your eyes, I find that place…

My Tranquility!

I find myself needing to hear your voice…

My Harmony!

By your side, I have no fears…

My Security!

When my world is falling apart and upside down…

My Equanimity!

When my body grows weary and weak…

My Stability!


You are all of these things and more…

Therefore I love you to the best of…

My Ability!!!

I miss you! 

I miss you!
Your smile

Your touch

Your laugh 

Your voice 
That walk 

Those lips

Them kisses

Those hugs
You always smell so good. 

You surely do taste sweet. 

You have a magical touch.

You keep my heart skipping beats. 
Doesn’t matter if I saw you yesterday. 

I miss you all over again when you turn to walk away. 


Her energy radiates everytime she walks into a room!

-Her smile
-Her laugh
-Her energy
-The way she bounces around
-Head full of curls

She is a breath of fresh air!!
Always positive!
Floating on a cloud without a care,
Always with a compliment to give.

She renews my spirit,
Reminds me of my youth.
Life really isn’t that heavy!
Her carefree demeanor is proof.

Mercedes is her name,
Mercy to some.
She makes my days happy
And keeps class fun!

(Dedicated to Mercedes Vadi. My muse, my little ray of Sunshine)